This year Georgia fully funded our state’s public schools for the first time since 2002. That’s the #1 issue I ran on last year. And make no mistake, it’s only because candidates ran and won elections on funding public schools that our Governor and State Legislature finally did the right thing.

But we have a lot more work to do. We fund schools in Georgia based on the Quality Basic Education funding model (QBE). The QBE was introduced in 1985. We’re paying for 2018 schools with 1985 dollars. Let’s TRULY fully fund our schools!

Saving our schools also means we need to:

  • Provide affordable broadband throughout the entire state so that students can have the resources they need for success. This year I spoke in the House in favor a bill that will help expand broadband to overlooked communities in Athens and Oconee, and the Governor signed that bill.
  • Address the rising costs of post-high school education for students and their families. We’ve got HOPE funds to help more Georgia families afford our colleges and technical schools — let’s use it. I am proud to co-sponsor a bill that will expand post-secondary financial aid in Georgia.
  • Invest in public schools by raising Georgia out of the “below average” pay category for our kids’ teachers.
  • Direct all state education funds to public schools.

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