When people ask me why I'm running, I tell them I'm running because I believe our elected leaders need to start putting people first.

Save Our Schools

I stand strong with our local public schools. Just last year, Georgia’s Legislature attempted to trick voters into allowing the State to take over local schools. This is unacceptable. Once in office, I’ll fight to ensure that schools receive the funding they need to educate all our children.

  • We fund schools in Georgia based on the Quality Basic Education funding model (QBE). The QBE was introduced in 1985. We’re paying for 2017 schools with 1985 dollars. Let’s fully fund our schools!
  • Provide affordable broadband throughout the entire state so that students can have the resources they need for success.
  • Address the rising costs of post high school education for students and their families.
  • Direct all state education funds to public schools.

Lower Skyrocketing Auto Insurance Rates

Georgia’s car insurance rates are rising faster than almost anywhere else in the nation. That’s no accident. In 2008, the Legislature voted to de-regulate the insurance market, allowing the companies to raise rates as much as they like. Some companies raised rates as much as 25% in 2017 alone! I’ll introduce legislation to authorize the Georgia Insurance Commissioner to do their job and restore the power to the office to keep the insurance industry accountable and transparent.

Save Our Community

I’m motivated by my faith. In my faith, you look out for your neighbor. By looking out for one another, we build a strong, powerful community. To me that means we need to:

  • Expand Medicaid. Healthcare should not be a privilege. America’s healthcare system has the highest costs and results in the lowest life expectancy of any country in the industrialized world. The difference: other nations offer healthcare to all.  Meanwhile, our legislators turned down federal health coverage that would have helped the more than 600,000 uninsured Georgians.
  • Repeal Campus Carry. Our legislators are supposed to represent us, but too often, they don’t. The Georgia Legislature voted to allow guns on campus despite overwhelming opposition from educators, law enforcement, parents and students — and above all Georgia voters.  That’s not representative democracy – that’s too many legislators in the pocket of the NRA.
  • Fight for a Livable Wage. If you work 40 hours a week, you shouldn’t be living in poverty, or anything close to it. Our minimum wage laws are out of date and hurting Georgia families.
  • Stand with LGBT Georgians. The Legislature passed a religious discrimination bill that not only was an assault on LGBT Georgians but also would have decimated our state’s economic growth. Just proposing this law sent prospective investors in the state fleeing and hurt Georgia’s economy.
  • Promote Smart Growth. With your support, I’ll fight to enact smart growth plans that save Athens-Clarke and Oconee Counties from turning into another poorly planned Atlanta suburb.
  • Modernize our transportation infrastructure. Fixing the problems on 316 and Bishop are a start, but if we want to avoid Atlanta gridlock here in our community, we’ve got to do more.  I’ll work with other state lawmakers to fund innovative transit solutions that can improve our economy and maintain our air quality, like a train system to carry commuters between here and Atlanta.
  • End Gerrymandering. I’ll fight for an Independent Redistricting Commission in 2020 to stop politicians from cherry-picking their voters, so we can ensure that every vote counts. And while we’re at it, I’ll work to replace Georgia’s easily-hacked voting machines so Georgians no longer have to wonder whether their elections are fair.
  • Attract and Create Higher-Paying Jobs. As a successful tech entrepreneur and long-time Four Athens mentor to local start-up companies, I know that investing in our local workforce is key to attracting and growing the kinds of businesses that will sustain our community for the long-term.  As your representative, I will work to ensure that workers in Athens-Clarke and Oconee have the skills to compete with anyone in the state, the nation, or the world.

Together, we’ll encourage entrepreneurial growth in our state and in our district that works for everyone. Let’s strengthen our community together by putting people first!