As a software programmer, I’m well aware of the threat that Georgia’s outdated voting technology presents to our elections. We’re running Windows 2000 on systems that have been given a “D” rating and worse. Georgia should be a leader in election integrity, not a case study in mismanagement. That’s why we should:

  • Switch to Paper Ballots Immediately.  It’s the only way we have a paper trail to audit if something goes wrong or misconduct is suspected.
  • End Gerrymandering. I’ll fight for an Independent Redistricting Commission in 2020 to stop politicians from cherry-picking their voters, so we can ensure that every vote counts. And while we’re at it, I’ll work to replace Georgia’s easily-hacked voting machines so Georgians no longer have to wonder whether their elections are fair.
  • Make it Easier to Vote, Not Harder. I am proud to co-sponsor a bill that would allow Georgians to pre-register to vote when they turn 16, making their registration at age 18 automatic.

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