Policy Platform

COVID 19 has shown us that every worker in our economy matters. It’s shown us how many people were struggling before the pandemic, and how many people need protection now. Workers need a safety net and a $15/an hour minimum wage. No one should work 40 hours a week and live in poverty.

As urgent as the need is to make our economy work for everyone today, we need to build the economy of tomorrow.  We need to prepare our workforce for tech jobs and create a community where local businesses thrive and existing businesses want to relocate. I support workforce training, technical education, and investment incentives that will give all workers equity in our economy.

I support closing the Medicaid gap. This will create 56,000 new healthcare jobs in our state.  Until we can close the gap in coverage, I will fight to keep our local hospitals funded and open.

No citizen of the state of Georgia should have to worry that their vote hasn’t been counted or that their right to will be infringed upon.  I support greater transparency in our election processes and accountability for the Secretary of State in the form of an established Voting Rights Commission.  I will support a fair districts initiative that would create an independent commission to draw our districts instead of elected politicians.

Every child in Georgia deserves a high quality public education.  Our state’s future depends on providing an exceptional K-12 education.  Our schools need more funding.  Our teachers need better pay.  Our parents need wrap around support services. Fundamentally, our schools need more from our state. I’m proud to have helped fully fund education in our legislature.

More than funding, we have to create an education system that prepares students to become members of their community.  That means civics and art education, and it means that our students should attend public schools administered by local school districts not charter operators.

We’ve had enough of the divisive politics of the past.  To move forward we must secure justice for our most vulnerable communities. We need to increase funding for public defenders. We need accountability for law enforcement.  Every Georgian is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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